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Golf Cover

If you and your golf ball can't agree on which way to go (you say straight and the ball veers off left), an Elephant Travel Insurance Golf Cover could be the best thing you pack in your trunk.

The best thing about golfing trips is that it doesn't really matter how bad you are, it's all about having some fun playing down foreign fairways, hopefully in a bit of sunshine, unlike the windswept courses back in Blighty.


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Don't get caught in the rough

If you prefer to take your own clubs on holiday, you will want the peace of mind of knowing that your beloved putter will be as well taken care of as you are. As well as enjoying all the benefits of regular travel insurance, golf travel cover also provides specific protection for your equipment, up to a maximum of £1,000. The limit for a single piece of equipment, such as that wonderful putter, is £500, a limit that should leave plenty to spare.

For the more casual players, or those without their own clubs, an Elephant Travel Insurance Golf Policy also covers rented equipment...but that doesn't mean you can throw the clubs down the fairway if you aren't playing quite as well as you hoped...

Going on a golfing holiday takes a bit of planning with non-refundable golf fees to pay in advance for most bookings. For the unlucky few who end up not being able to play because of an emergency, being able to claim your money back might not make up for the disappointment of not getting out on the greens, but at least you won't end up out of pocket. As for those golfers who have a rather, how can we put it, 'wild' swing, they will be reassured to know that any accidental damage is also covered by the policy.

So, simply click to get a quote for your Elephant Travel Insurance Golf Cover and get out there on the tees - don't forget to stop off at the 19th hole on your way back.